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Small Kitchens

Adding a savvy design to a small kitchen generally makes the space look and feel much larger than it actually is. We all dream about having a large spacious kitchen but think how is this possible when we have a small space to work with. Granted some spaces will not provide ways to extend to gain more space but this is where a professionally designer will see something that you would not. I have worked with several small kitchens and made them look AMAZING!

Here are a few tips.

  • Keep colors light, bright and consistent - the color scheme can have a big impact on the space. White and cream are obvious choices, but light greens, yellows, light blues and greys can work well too.

  • Keep light fixtures simple - depending on your ceiling height, if its high than go with a statement light fixture. If ceiling is low stick with a hugger light fixtures or just recessed lights. Consider under & over cabinet lighting to get that soft glow.

  • Avoid clutter in small kitchens - small kitchens are limited with counter top space, so keep the counter top appliances minimal.

  • Consider open wall storage shelves - they offer plenty of space and is an area to showcase accessories, plants decorative dishes.

  • Glossy cabinets - this finish will reflect the light and help make the room feel much larger.

My Recent Kitchen Project

I LOVE this kitchen every time I do a site visit I have an ahhhhh moment. Client gave me freedom to throw something together and by-passed the consultation. So I wanted to wow her and I succeeded at the presentation. The expression on her face, in my mind I was like oh dear, she doesn't like it and then she said I LOVE it and would have never imagined doing this look for the kitchen. The cabinets, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and do something bold and presented this glossy Atlantis Blue smooth door style cabinets by Eclipse with acrylic/chrome cabinet pulls and stainless steel appliances and a butterfly stainless steel sink. We remove a window that was behind the fridge to make better use of storage above the fridge and on left of fridge. You see the corner shelving.....simple beautiful and provides openness. My client is truly thrilled with the new design for their apartment kitchen we have completed. My last visit will be tomorrow and close out the REVEAL with her!

We can work with you, for your kitchen design needs - Book A Consultation and get 20% OFF my consultation fee!

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