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What colors hues make a house look expensive?

Have you ever thought about what colors make a house look expensive? Choosing a chic color palette can help to take a space from bland to luxurious, whether it's saturating the walls with a high-end paint color hues or using it as part of your décor scheme in accent pieces and features. Consider certain colors to enhance a room, in anything from soft furnishings like cushions and curtains to furniture pieces like sofas and dining tables, these will add another level of luxurious to have a plusher feel. Here are my thoughts of two colors I want to reveal to you that will make a house look expensive so you can have that luxurious feel in your home.

  1. GREEN

Whether it's rich velvet curtains, a green sofa, or simply plants, green is a hue that will elevate any space. There are so many colors that complement green. It's a tone that is very much seen in nature among so many beautiful flower tones. Green can impact your mood.


This enticing neutral that has a timeless quality to it. This shade can truly induce sophistication in a space. Black is also one of those colors people tend to feel a little hesitant to use liberally. But even when used as an accent color on furniture, lighting, or faucets. This tone when paired with green, cream, red can be very elegance. Now, we are not suggesting black walls, unless you have a room a cinema room in your home :)

This a very elegant dining room that provides a luxurious feel for the home. Tones are very subtle and look at the way the greenery is used in the wall art and how brings natural beauty inside.

I will share more on this topic later. Stay tuned!

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