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What should you not do when planning a bedroom layout?

We have worked on several bedrooms and have seen layouts that are not well balanced and do not provide a restful space. However, some spaces have layout challenges and may not provide alternative layout options. To ensure the layout is perfectly balanced and works well for your lifestyle, I am sharing my expertise tips to help you avoid mistakes.


Make sure you don't block the windows with your bed. Having natural light is important to the space. Sometimes in small bedrooms this can be hard to avoid. Use open night tables and glass base lamps. Color palette should also be soft for a small bedroom.

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Make sure you have a clutter free space. Yes, we all need storage space in our bedroom. Consider customize built-ins if you have blank walls on each sides of the bed or ready made up ones for more budget friendly. This allows for efficient use of every inch of available space. Under the bed is a popular one using bins or opt for a bed that has draws to the front or 2 on each side. Don't let valuable space go to waste!

(Image - Riverside Furniture) SHOP THIS BEDROOM FURNITURE


These can be challenging or can be perfect for extra storage. You can even use it to setup a vanity or perhaps an office desk. Or hang a egg chair - very fun piece of furniture to curl up in and read a book and relax.

(Image - House Beautiful)


"Scale" tends to refer to how an item relates to the size of the room or to something else. "Proportion" often refers to the shape of an item and how it relates to other things in the room. If it doesn't feel right, it likely doesn't have the correct scale or proportion for the space. This can ruin a bedrooms potential. If you have a very large bedroom it requires larger furniture. I have seen large bedrooms and they have very small furniture making the room look awkward and unbalanced or a large bed and small night stands. It a good idea to create "zones" in large bedroom spaces


Table lamps, we all know this is the most popular choice and will always be around. However, for small bedrooms in particular and get a more modern look you could consider wall lights or long ones from the ceiling. This choice of lighting will free up space on you nightstands. We all know we can use that space......right! You will to decide the exact position of your bed before installing the lights.


This is typically the largest piece in the room and an important part of the layout and tends to be the focally point of the room once dressed up.

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