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Kitchen Cabinets - Paint Cabinets or New Cabinets?

I've worked with many kitchens large and small ones. Most of the ones I've worked with had to get new cabinets. Most times new cabinets is the way to go, especially if the space has not utilized, not functional, old and outdated. I am not always quick to tell a client they need new cabinets, as I very well know that this is the most valuable space in the house. So what I like to do with the client, is look for major damages to the existing cabinetry i.e., peeling, rotten wood and broken hinges etc.

Choosing the paint color is very import as it will have a powerful influence on the style, mood and perception of the space. So it's essential to get it right. It's important to note that painting cabinets is more difficult than just painting a plain wall. People generally think they can do it themselves. That's okay if you are just looking for short term fix (very short) until you have built up the investment to renovate. However, if you feel that you can get another 5 - 10 years with your existing cabinets, than it's worth getting a professional to do the job. Below is a project we completed in January. Client wanted to rip theses cabinets out because she hated how it felt dated and dark. There was nothing wrong with them, just your typical under the sink, the bottom was rotten from a water leak. (popular area where damage occurs) TA-DA....look at the AFTER! Beautiful, refreshing paint tone, new hardware, light fixtures, backsplash faucet & sink. Doesn't it feel new?

Neutrals like white, cream, gray, and greige are the popular tones. We can step out off our comfort zone sometimes and go with a bold tone. It really depends on the size of your space and lighting. Two important key elements to determine before choosing your color. Don't struggle with this decision, I'm here to help. Book a consultation and get 20% of the Designer consultation fee.

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