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KITCHEN & BATH TRENDS - VEGAS Jan 31 - Feb 2, 2023


I had the privilege of attending this years KBIS show to look at what's new. I was impressed with Sharps appliances. They are celebrating their 110th Anniversary. Have a look at some of their products in their Virtual 3D Showroom

Here is their latest product that was a finalist at the show and the first radiant range top with a microwave drawer/oven. The word popcorn might have given it away. I fell in love this feature when I saw it. It has flexible installation options, a powerful addition to your dream kitchen, convenience and comfort, control right from your phone and magnetic side cooling rack and spoon rest. These days, how many of us use our oven? Even if you do, I think this appliance you will use more and just do a wall mount oven if you have the space.


Let's get BOLD! This booth certainly caught our attention with it's bright colors. It had women's hand bags, shoes and accessories........didn't see the appliances beyond when we spoke to the sales rep........LOL! Café recently partnered with a well-known fashion designer at the New York Fashion Week to spot the hottest trends to inspire Café's new hardware finishes for their appliances. This brand allows you to show off your personality! Get inspired and click here to see how TK Wismer designed this bold colored kitchen and energized it.

Very Vogue!


Two bold brands & one cohesive look!

NEW! Brushed Brass Hardware NEW! Flat Black Hardware NEW! Brushed Stainless Hardware


Okay this was a throw back moment for me when I saw this! Some of the bathrooms I have transformed wants to get rid of the pink and blue toilets. Now these shades are back? Whoa.........hey but if this is what a client wants I will certainly work with it, and make their space beautiful. Kohler is bringing these shades back from their archives! Some of these hues are from 1927 & 1934. I told you it was a throw back.....LOL!


Spring Green

I can visualize using the peach glow color in a bathroom and adding a modern design to it. As much as we may think these colors are dated, we can always breathe new life and look into the space. I am always ready to embrace a challenge!

This is a very tranquility design. Do you notice something different about the faucets, light fixtures and accessories. Hmmm.........yes they are two tone - matte black and gold! What an interesting combination for bathroom fixtures. I've done 2 bathroom renovations using matte black and other metal colors like bushed nickel but never done this two tone color. Very interesting and nicely used in this bathroom and it has my favorite a floating vanity. Love using them as it keeps the space open and less cluttered.


I fell in love with this wall tile and it felt like I was walking toward a cloud of white roses.....simply beautiful and calming. I also notice that a lot of the vanities draws are coming lighted. I liked this feature too and look forward to using it in a bathroom renovation project. I look forward to connecting with this supplier for products.


YES! I saw it with my own eyes this stunning, elegant, beautiful and luxurious new design bath tub idea with matching vanity sink. We all know how it feels when we get into a hammock..........very relaxing! A Hammock bathtub is freestanding modern tub design with a revolutionary difference. It’s floating! This luxury bathtub design boasts as the most comfortable deep soaking bath in the world with its unique solid surface material and plush hammock style. Available in white, matte black & grey. This product received the Best of KBIS Finalist.




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