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We can help with your design and decorate your home or rental property with confidence.

That interior design is JUST about picking out pretty things.

I've had conversations that goes something like this"

(person) "Oh what do you do for a living?"

(my response) "I am an Interior Designer."

(person) "Oooohhh! It must be fun to pick out pretty things for other people and shop for them. That would be easy to do that all day!"

(my response) Smile. Ya - it's fun ( signing on the inside)

Okay............let's provide the real work that we do.'s very exciting, a pleasure and honor that clients put their trust in me to shop for them picking out items to make their homes more functional and beautiful. 90% is a part of my job. The other 10% sometimes involves taking the client to a store to look at items. And going to design functions and trade shows to look at products and network can be really fun at times and even sounds very glamorous, right? But, what doesn't get talked about are the less glamorous parts of an interior design that can actually take up a whole lot of time for any designer.

Such As.............

  • Placing and tracking orders

  • Handling damages

  • Dealing with backorders

  • Scheduling contractors

  • Visiting vendors

  • Coordinating deliveries

  • Handling issues and problems

  • Waiting (i.e customs release)

  • Paperwork

  • More paperwork

.........the not so glamorous list

Truth Is...........

There is a lot of things that goes on behind the scenes that's not so pretty or fun that is just part of the job. It can take hours to manage it all, especially if you are a sole entrepreneur. That's not even factoring in the actual designing of the space, which involves a whole other set of tasks and decisions.

Stay with me.........

Now, don't get me wrong. I would not do this for a living if I didn't LOVE my job and I'm truly grateful to say that I wouldn't trade it for anything. There are SO many behind the scenes task that an interior designer has to do to create that beautiful room. It can actually take weeks or even months to go from start to finish depending on the scope of the project. As designers, we want of course to serve our clients 110% and doing these less glamorous tasks is all part of the process and the job.


talk soon.


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Calm Waters

just beautiful

By actively listening and getting to know us and our style, she had an extraordinary ability to ascertain what our needs and desires were for our project and bought our vision to life. We were most impressed with the scrutiny and care she took to perfect, and make precise to every cut - stitch - seam pattern and design and gave the finish product a professional and flawless look! She also was great with organizing and planning the project with us. We can't thank you enough for all you've done for us. The kitchen is absolutely beautiful!! - and I can't wait to work with you on the next project. 


Zena & Mackie NJ



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