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 Select the Design Service That's Best For You!

Not all design projects are created equally. We believe that you have a choice when it comes to how you work with us.

Click on the let's get started and you will get further details on what our design services offer.


You’ve never worked with an interior designer before.

You’re not sure which service is right for you.

You don’t know what you need but you know you don’t like your house the way it is

You know you need help, but you’re not sure where to start.

Let's get started and you can decide what works best for you.

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This consultation can be via zoom or on site meeting to discuss your design challenges, questions and/or decorating ideas, and I’ll be happy to guide you. Send me the furniture or decor items you are considering and I will give you my professional advice and if it will work in your space or provide alternative solutions.

Designer On Call Consultation

Ready To Design Your Space!

Ready To Design Your Space!

Dining Room

Your dining room is a truly multi-functional space - it’s where we eat, entertain and sometimes even work. When designing your dining room, think carefully about how you use the space and what you really want to achieve with the area. Whatever your style, room size or budget, we have the dining room design for you.

Ready To Design Your Space!




Whether you want luxurious, intimate, serene, sophisticated, fresh and inviting. All of these words describe a fabulous and restful master bedroom space — I always strive to bring these features to my clients space.

It’s a testament to the principles of timeless design and speaks volumes about the concept of “less is more” when pulling together a truly restful and uncluttered bedroom space.

Ready To Design Your Space!

Living Room 

If you want to learn about someone’s design aesthetic, look no further than their living room. As one of the most-frequented spots in the home —to be rivaled only by the kitchen—a living room sets the tone for the rest of the house. And while some might think of it as just a “cozy corner,” the living room is also a great place to experiment with color palettes, beautiful rugs and a variety of illuminating light fixtures. 

Ready To Design Your Space!


Ready To Design Your Space!

Full Kitchen Renovation

Some of us dream of a simple and elegant transitional style kitchen, while others dream of a practical yet chic modern , transitional or traditional design. Whatever your dream, you’ll want someone to help you find, define, and design it. This is where Carey Interior Designs comes in. Let’s get started ,on how to communicate your unique style, and how to form a successful partnership on the road to your dream kitchen. 

Want To Know, "What It Takes To Start A Kitchen Renovation"?


Full Bathroom Renovation 

Is this the year you’ve decided to update your bathroom ? Maybe you need a more functional space for a more soothing environment for your morning ablutions. Whatever the reason, the new year is often a time for new beginnings, and what better place to start than your bathroom?

Want To Know, "What It Takes To Start A Bathroom Renovation"?

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Ready To Design Your Space!

Paint Swatches

Ready To Design Your Space!

Paint Color Selection

Often times we meet clients that know what colors they like and dislike but just don’t know how to blend the colors together to create a flow from room to room.  

There are different intensities of color and color can look different in different space and with different lighting affecting the darkness and lightness of the color.  With our expertise we will guide you through the anxiety of choosing the right color and select a beautiful color palette for each space.

Want To Know, "Paint Colors That Never Go Out of Style"?


One Day Makeover 

One day room makeover, or “redesign” services cater to clients that have furnishings, artwork and accessories throughout their home, but are bored or unsatisfied with the look of their current room. We have redesigned great rooms, living rooms, master suites and even nurseries.

The one day room makeover is a simple process of using what you already own and placing it purposefully and artfully in your room. Your space will be transformed by repositioning, re-purposing and recreating a coordinated look with your existing furnishings.

In one day, Carey Interior Designs will capture your style, revitalize your space and deliver a highly stylized room that is unique to you lifestyle. A exceptional room doesn’t have to cost a fortune. We all deserve a space we enjoy and can share proudly with guests. I wish that for everyone and it is possible for everyone.


Ready To Design Your Space!


Refresh E-Design Package 

I just need to freshen up my space! 
You will get help you with paint colors, accessories, accents furnishings, textiles and area rugs to complete your space. You will get a design concept board with written setup instructions, shopping list. We do this all online in your own personal design studio and on your schedule right at home!

Ready To Design Your Space!

Full E-Design Package 

I want it all! 
You get an initial furniture & decor concept board, floor plan, shopping list, set up instructions, complementary ordering service and a 3D rendering so you can visualize everything together. We do this all online in your own personal design studio and on your schedule right at home!

Ready To Design Your Space!

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Meeting Room

Commercial Projects 

Whether you are a start-up company just moving into your first office or you have been around for decades in a historic space, you are likely familiar with the importance of commercial interior design and the role it plays for both your employees and your customers. A beautifully designed space means nothing if it isn't functional. Alternatively, a functional space that is boring and bland could leave a lot to be desired. If you are considering remodeling your commercial space or are moving into a new space and want the support of a professional, these are the five essential steps that will make your commercial interior design project a breeze.

Ready To Design Your Space!


Home Staging

We provide expertise and professionalism in assessing your home to capture the finer design details, enhancing it to a stylized, cleanly and simply presentable to the buyers eyes, that will send them scurrying for their checkbook.



Carey' Interior Designs approaches the staging of owner occupied homes a little differently than vacant properties. Typically when it comes to homes where the owners will live in the home while it is up for sale, we are dealing with different challenges so it is vital for Carey Interior Designs to provide a plan for preparing and staging the home that factors in comfort and livability for our clients while the property is on the market.


From walk-through to room-by-room transformation, Carey Interior Designs will emphasize the best features of your home, appealing to the new buyers dream and set your home apart from the competition.


With only 10% of home buyers able to visualize the potential of a home, Carey Interior Designs should be your first call to sell your home faster!



Residential House
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Home Staging Report

Home Staging Rooms

Ready To Design Your Space!

Ready To Design Your Space!

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